Phase2 planning

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Below are the final versions of the proposals approved by USAID. Click to download.

This phase 2 builds upon three important events:

  1. 2-5 June 2015: Africa RISING Program Coordination Team retreat, Washington DC
  2. 1-4 September 2015: Africa RISING phase 2 design team meeting, Wageningen University, Netherlands
  3. 6-8 October 2015: Africa RISING Program Strategy Workshop, Mali

Some additional thoughts for phase 2 were covered in program coordination team meetings 10 to 12.

From the Bamako meeting, these are the outputs generated as inputs for phase 2.

  • Building blocks for the phase 2 proposal

File:SI indicators framework oct6 Malawi Africa RISING.docx Sustainable intensification framework and indicators more from the Bamako meeting about this Program_strategy_workshop_Indicators here. This builds upon and should be integrated with previous work on si-framework SI framework and indicators File:Why_systems_research.V6.docx Phase 2 systems approach more from the Bamako meeting about this Program_strategy_workshop_Systems_approach here) File:Vision of success and targets - V1.docx Phase 2 vision of success targets and SI benefits more from the Bamako meeting about this Program_strategy_workshop_Vision here. Also see this file for why we need a vision of success and some initial presentation of ideas about the theory of change and impact pathway: File:Pres - Vision of success - BV.pptx File:ToC-IP_generic_aug2015.xlsx Theory of change and impact pathways and File:ToC-IP_ethiopia_aug2015.xlsx worked out version for Ethiopia) Phase 2 scaling approaches (more from the Bamako meeting about this here)

  • Approaches used in Africa RISING

Information about File:Socioeconomics of intensification - CBA.docx cost-benefit analysis more from the Bamako meeting about this Program_strategy_workshop_CBA here) Information about File:Typology_use_AR.V3.docx typology use more from the Bamako meeting about this Program_strategy_workshop_typologies here) Farmer File:Engagement Standards in Research for Development within the Africa RISING Program.docx engagement standards more from the Bamako meeting about this Program_strategy_workshop_Farmer_Engagement here) - these cover partly also platform work Draft plan for File:Africa RISING Phase 2 Nutrition draft.docx nutrition work for phase 2 more from the Bamako meeting about this Program_strategy_workshop_Nutrition here) Draft plan for gender work for phase 2 (more from the Bamako meeting about this here) Draft plan for Monitoring & Evaluation and data management for phase 2 Draft plan for comms work for phase 2

See also the timetable for next steps and milestones to follow progress.