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Program Coordination Team

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3 July 2018 (virtual)

10 April 2018 (virtual)

14 March 2018 (Arusha)

14 February 2018 (virtual)

19 December 2017 (virtual)

9 October 2017 (virtual)

17 August 2017 (virtual)

23 June 2017 (Arusha)

May 2017 (virtual)

4 April 2017 (virtual)

9 February 2017 (virtual)

19 January 2017 (Dar es Salaam)

12 December 2016 (online)

4 November 2016 (online)

23 September 2016 (online)

12 July 2016 (online)

14 April 2016 (online)

10 December 2015 (Online)

18 November 2015 (Online)

9 October 2015 (Bamako)

September 2015 (Wageningen)

August 2015 (Online)

July 2015 (Online)

June 2015 (Washington DC)

April 2015 (Online)

Nov 2014 (Arusha)

Jun 2014 (London)

Jan 2014 (online)

Sep 2013 (Ethiopia)

Jun 2013 (online)

Jan 2013 (Ghana)

TOR (Feb 2017)

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The Africa RISING program has no centralized management entity. The Program Coordination Team (PCT), taking decisions by consensus, ensures a common understanding of sustainable intensification (SI) and its potential contribution to FTF goals across the three regional projects. The PCT also helps to identify opportunities for experience sharing and cross-project support, both informally and through an annual program learning event. Further, program-level scientific advice is obtained from the Science Advisory Group (SAG) that reports to the PCT and is comprised of external experts with experience relevant to various aspects of SI and other specialists as desired. The Communications Team has a secretarial role in the PCT and reports on its meetings.

Role: The PCT provides technical and managerial advice and coordination across the three regional projects. By integrating these projects into one coherent program, each region benefits from the experiences and successes in other regions.

Terms of reference:

  • Provides an interface with the donor for the program and regional projects;
  • Provides support for coordination and integration, but not supervision, across projects;
  • Convenes / supports / approves the research approach design process, including consultation with the qualified external experts of the SAG;
  • Sets standards, guidelines and practices, approves objectives / outcomes, etc. at program level;
  • Facilitates good communication and learning across the program
  • Advises on communications and M&E teams’ work plans;
  • Determines the focus of an annual program-wide learning meeting;
  • Promotes coordination, alignment, and integration with related research projects;
  • Appoints the SAG
  • Meets annually face-to-face and virtually as required.


  • Chair: Rotates annually between IITA and ILRI. The rotation takes place in September.
  • IITA Project Manager
  • ILRI Project Coordinator
  • Monitoring and Evaluation team lead
  • Communications team lead
  • USAID Activity Manager


  1. Bernard Vanlauwe (IITA) - chair Oct. 2016-Sept. 2017
  2. Jerry Glover (USAID)
  3. Peter Thorne (ILRI)
  4. Irmgard Hoeschle-Zeledon (IITA)
  5. Boni Moyo (ILRI) - chair Oct. 2017 - Sept. 2018
  6. Carlo Azzarri (IFPRI)
  7. Jonathan Odhong (IITA)